PSU CS 410/510 OSS

Open Source Software Development
Summer 2008 (23 June -- 13 August)
MW 0915-1135 (morning section, 410 CRN, 510 CRN )
MW 1415-1635 (afternoon section, 410 CRN, 510 CRN)
Lab: FAB 81-03 (CS Lab)

Welcome. This Wiki is dedicated to our project course in open source software development for the UNIX environment.

If you are a student, please begin by registering on this Wiki, using the passcode given to you in class. A Wiki is a collaborative web site: once you're registered, you can (and should) help maintain these pages, and use the site as a work area.

The course email list (for registered users only) is at . On the rare occasion that someone is hanging on IRC, they'll be at irc:// .

Much information is available at the pages of the 2007 offering of this course.

Contact Info

  • -- Bart Massey, your instructor.
  • -- For help with systems and software
  • -- Course e-mail list
  • irc:// -- Course IRC channel


  • bart, 06 Aug 2008: presentations next week!
  • bart, 08 Jul 2008: most projects are created and started
  • bart, 23 Jun 2007: wiki up

User and Project Pages

Every developer/team should put a link in the course projects area. The pages of individual users also often have links to project pages. Instructions are available for creating project pages given that the CAT has set things up properly.

Please pick a day and time for your final presentation.

Web Resources


123 JuneIntroduction
125 JuneProjects
230 JuneSource Code Management; GIT
22 JulyLegal/Ethical
37 JulyMakefiles
39 JulyScripting; Tools
414 JulyDebugging
416 JulyAutotools
521 JulyTBA
523 JulyOSCON "Field Trip"
628 JulyBart absent for Microsoft Faculty Summit
Guest talk by Sarah Sharp
630 July TBA
74 Aug Class cancelled—Computer Go Tournament
76 Aug Business and Jobs
811 Aug Project Presentations
813 Aug Project Presentations

There is also an e-mail discussion list associated with this website that you may be interested in.