About Bart Massey

I'm an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Portland State University. My main research areas are open source, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and programming languages. I also help students build amateur rockets and X Window System software.

My Ph.D. is in AI from University of Oregon CIRL. My work at CIRL was about state space search in planning and scheduling. While there I helped a bit as Matt Ginsberg built GiB, the strongest computer Bridge player in the world at the time. I was technical lead at the first Human-Machine Computer Game Exhibition at the US National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI '97) in Providence, Rhode Island. I operated GiB at the 6th ACBL World Computer Bridge Championship in Montreal, Canada in 2002.

I have taught a 10-week version of my course on Adversary Search in Combinatorial games in Spring 2005, Spring 2002, and Summer 2000, as well as a 2.5 day intensive short course Winter 2006. My own game programs include a Yahtzee player using a perfect single-player solver, and many smaller projects.

You can email me at <bart@cs.pdx.edu>.