Recent changes to this wiki:

got rid of bizarre camel-case
added sqlite link
save status of bad fix
still trying to get my class to load
Created page
added HypnoMoire
apparently markdown requires 3-space tabs. Who knew?
Created page
Created page
Created page
added stratify and Riviera
created page
added apparently-needed blank lines
added isize
updated ccm
Created page
created page
added phonetic-code and thimk
added some stuff
And removed a bad leading conjunction.
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fixed uothesis link
added UO-Thesis
updated manpage
reflected move to BSD license
fixed git url
added licensing info; git link
added link
did quick filename hack
added more sources
added links
added more content
fixed Julian's name
created page
Added Chortl
replaced accidentally deleted paren in link
updated with plans and references
updated information
Updated version
documented decoder
updated information
Noted my lameness
Finished the page
added concatMap graphic
added source links
fixed some formatting
Created page
added concatMap
fixed performance claim
fixed doc link bug
Created page
added Huffman
fixed doc link
added acks
added source link
Created page
added RLE
added table-driven
updated Hacker's Delight comments
indented autoload
did minor cleanups
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Added page-mode; updated comment
updated truelevel
renamed WAVE to truelevel
fixed typo
added truelevel
Created page
added WAVE
updated to reference new Hackage upload
added page
added ParseArgs
Created page
added simhash
fixed and added links
added gitweb link
Finished page
added more content
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Added ikiwiki-farm
fix url "+" braindamage
added content
Added raytracer; alphabetized
mention sedit dependency
added content
added sedit
added the content
Created page
added favicon
comments on mult
Better writeup
final version
deleted bogus source lines