This is a minor mode for Emacs that works with the existing code in textmode/page.el to provide a mode in which you view and edit only a notional "page" of the file at a time. By default, the page delimiter is an ASCII form-feed character ("^L") on a line by itself. The mode provides some simple page navigation and construction commands.

You can find the source here, or check out my Git repository at git://

To install this minor mode, place the code somewhere where your Emacs can find it, and add

    (autoload 'page-mode "page-mode" "Page-oriented display and editing" t)

to your .emacs or equivalent.

This mode was inspired by Kristian Høgsberg's talk at XDC 2008. In an inspired burst of ghetto tech, he just put an Emacs with a big font up on the projector and paged through his notes. I thought this was so cool I had to do it also, but I didn't think I could keep just the right stuff visible in the buffer all the time without a lot of distracting fiddling.

I wrote the first "slide mode" version of this in a couple of hours, mostly spent remembering the ins and outs of Emacs Lisp, and used it to give two talks at XDC. Upon my return home, I took the code apart and put it back together, discovering Emacs' existing page functions in the process.

I think the page mode may be useful for more than just slides. I'm hoping folks will let me know if and how they use it.