java-aux: Java utility code

This is a bunch of Java utility code. I wrote almost all of it around 1997, so it's pretty stale. Use at your own risk, and just be amazed that it works at all.

Classes are:

  • Box layout class for AWT. Still nicer than the one that ships with Swing IMHO.
  • Completely outdated interface subsumed by Ordered in newer Java.
  • Layout class for AWT. Implements a single panel with a frame and title.
  • Implementation of completely outdated Comparable interface for dictionary sort order.
  • Component class for AWT. Displays a multi-digit number.
  • Simple heap sort of arrays. Depends on completely outdated Comparable interface---needs fixing.
  • Component class for AWT. Displays an image.
  • tests/ Test of Doesn't really belong here.
  • Splits a String into an array at occurences of a given separator character.
  • Table layout class for AWT. Layout is a LaTeX-style table with components in cells.
  • tokenizer/*.java: Directory contains a simple input tokenizer framework with various tokenizers. See source for details.

MIT-licensed. Available on GitHub.