IMCS: Internet MiniChess Server

I occasionally teach coursework in Adversary Search. In my most recent offerings I have had my students build a player for a cut-down chess game I call MiniChess.

I have written this service for my students' programs to compete against one another in MiniChess. The program accepts a standard TCP connection, allowing humans to play via telnet and programs written in most languages to speak the protocol through their standard IO libraries. Documentation for the current version 2.4 of the protocol is not yet available, but it can be inferred from the online help, by playing around, and by looking at the file result_codes.txt in the source distribution.

IMCS is written in Haskell and has been tested with GHC 6.10.1. IMCS is available only via Git from git:// and can be browsed using gitweb. It is licensed under the MIT license. IMCS is currently in very active development; if you have trouble compiling or running it you may want to inspect the Git logs and go back a commit or two to a more stable place. Significant milestone commits are tagged in the repository.