Exam Macros

These m4 macros and associated LaTeX style file are what I sometimes use to create exams for my courses. The basic workflow is to

  • create an exam utilizing the macros
  • run m4 with the exam-tex.m4 macros to create a LaTeX exam
  • run LaTeX etc to create a printable exam
  • photocopy, print, distribute and collect the exam
  • run m4 with the exam-html.m4 macros to create an HTML answer key
  • put the answer key up on a web page for the students

All of this is horribly undocumented; read the m4 to find out what happens, or look at a sample exam.

Honestly, in 2010 I mostly use the exam-tex.sty package here and do both the exam and key from the LaTeX. Again, it's not well-documented, but otherwise I've upgraded it to be a pretty full-featured standalone set of LaTeX exam macros.

Source at git://svcs.cs.pdx.edu/git/exam-tex.git.