PSU CS 572 Fall 2010

UNIX Internals / Device Drivers

This is the homepage for PSU CS 572 Fall 2010. This class is primarily about Linux device drivers, although a bunch of other low-level software stuff is covered as well.

Please see the syllabus for course information. Some course-notes are also available.

Teensy Project Code

  • Expose-Teensy Project -- a project to make character devices for all sorts of potential teensy devices allowing simple userland programs to access the teensy hardware using standard unixy methods.
  • Teensy Touchscreen Project -- Linux kernel driver module and firmware for driving a Nintendo DS touchscreen through a teensy.
  • Tempprobe -- Teensy firmware & Linux kernel driver for monitoring & collecting temperature data
  • Usbi2c -- Teensy-based I2C Master Controlled from PC Host via USB.
  • Vote USB -- Simple Teensy-based voting machine.