Build a Competent MiniChess Player

CS 442/542 Homework 3
Due Wednesday 30 April 2013 before class

Follow the instructions from the MiniChess tutorial to add αβ pruning, do-undo and an improved evaluator to your MiniChess player.

To evaluate the results of this work, compare the node count and search depth performance of do-undo to non-do-undo, and of αβ to non-αβ. Compare the win rate of your improved evaluator to a straight standard piece count evaluator.

Homework should be committed to your redmine repo on (make sure to commit with a user name that is traceable to you so I can give the grade to the right person).

Your repository should contain a file called README-HW3.txt or README-HW3.pdf containing a brief writeup in ASCII text or PDF (i.e. no Word docs or other magic formats) describing the work done and the results. Try to present the sort of exposition that lets me understand your solution, and the scientific ideas and engineering compromises behind it. Remember, if I can't understand your submission, I can't give you credit for it.