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(This is a very tentative schedule for CS 410 / 510: Advanced Open Source Software Engineering. This is a seminar course, and is quite experimental. Everything here is subject to extreme change without notice.)

128 SepBart: Introduction and goals
130 SepBart: OSSE Basics
25 OctBart: The Cathedral and the Bazaar
27 OctArthur, Josh: Licensing
312 OctArthur, Josh: Licensing
314 OctDean, Subasis:Security
419 OctGuest Josh Triplett
421 OctInstructor Out Of Town: Class Cancelled
526 OctJeff: Leadership Structures
528 OctBart: How To Research A Question
62 NovCameron, Matthaus: Distributed Development
79 NovShilpi, Sridevi: Motivations for OSS Development
711 NovVeteran's Day: No Class
816 NovDona, Chris, Remi: Usability
818 NovRasika, Parul: Quality Assurance
923 NovPreetham, Adam, Diane: Commercial Adoption of Open Source
925 NovThanksgiving: No Class
1030 NovVarious Topics. Karan: Measuring Open Source Software Success; Assane, Thai: Android vs Windows Mobile vs Java ME; Ankur "Modeling and Simulation of the Open Source Software Community",
102 DecKahiro, Siddhart: OSSE in Developing Countries; Bart: Final Thoughts


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