About Bart Massey

I'm an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Portland State University. My main research areas are open source, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and programming languages. I also help students build amateur rockets and X Window System software.

My Ph.D. is in AI from University of Oregon CIRL. My work at CIRL was about state space search in planning and scheduling. While there I helped a bit as Matt Ginsberg built GiB, the strongest computer Bridge player in the world at the time. I was technical lead at the first Human-Machine Computer Game Exhibition at the US National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI '97) in Providence, Rhode Island. I operated GiB at the 6th ACBL World Computer Bridge Championship in Montreal, Canada in 2002.

I have taught a 10-week version of my course on Adversary Search in Combinatorial games in Spring 2005, Spring 2002, and Summer 2000—I will teach it again in Spring 2007. My own game programs include a Yahtzee player using a perfect single-player solver, and many smaller projects.

You can email me at <bart@cs.pdx.edu>.

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