Project Pages

You need a link from the course projects area to a web page that serves as the home page for your project. At a minimum, the following should be present on you project home page:

  • Your name.
  • Your project name.
  • A description of your project (1-2 paragraphs, enough so that people know what it is, what it does, how it works.
  • User and/or developer docs sufficient to let end users work with the software and/or developers understand it. Recommended process: Write something minimal, then have someone else review it to find places where it is insufficient. Repeat as needed.
  • Source code
    • Link or directions to SCMS repo.
    • Optionally a tarball containing a stable build. However, don't do this unless you can keep it in sync with the SCMS easily.
    • Optionally binaries, but consistency with SCMS and platform make this a bad idea in most cases.
    • Optionally tags in the SCMS for "stable" commits, if you have some.
  • Build instructions
    • Checkout and download insns
    • Prerequisites for build
    • Build instructions
    • Installation instructions
  • Contact information: email, email list, bug tracker etc.
  • License information