WPF Line ChartThuyen Tran

The WPF Line Chart project goal is to build a component that can plot given data points in coordinate axes.

MultiLifeJoel Murphy / Ba Nguyen

This project seeks to expand upon the conceptual model of Conway's Game of Life by adding additional life classes with differing behaviors. Note: Formerly NextLife, MultiLife was renamed because NextLife is a green products manufacturer.

BrokeReid Vandewiele

Broke has aspirations of becoming a working process management tool for a business model being employed by a greater Portland metropolitan area plant brokerage firm. Broke will employ a PostgreSQL database backend and GTK+ frontend interface.

FlexGenJeff Weston

FlexGen is a flexible random map generation library for games and simulations. Maps are generated by randomly laying down map tiles so that their edges match. You can define map tiles however you want to determine what type of map is created.

MemmonJim Santmyer

Memmon is a memory leak detection utility. It monitors Linux processes that continue to grow over time and generates an email alert. A filter is provided to ignore processes that are known to vary in their memory usage.

Lattices for Logic SynthesisDipal Shah

This project implements Lattice Diagram based logic synthesis algorithm for designing combinational logic circuits. More information can be found on the project webpage.

VXMLizerAbdussalam Alawini & Hisham Benotman

We will build on two tools that we developed last term, one of which generates VXML scripts and the other one of which generates HTML files. VXMLizer will include VXML generator, VXML to HTML converter, VXML visualizer (as tree view). We are going to use Haskell to develop this project.

PhotoGraphNick Insalata

The goal of my project is to create a photo-realistic virtual world from a collection of photographs with shared or overlapping scenery. A description of the project can be found at it's webpage and the code (once some is written) will be located at the project page.

WikiBaconTed Timmons

Given two editors on the english wikipedia, show their first and strongest editing relationships. Written in perl.

DJCalcSean Bruno & Adrian Miranda

Web based scheduler that will present a week's worth of shifts for any given assignment. Example use is for scheduling DJ shifts on RKoL, Radio Kingdom of Loathing.

StudioBloodTyler Hayes

A collection of LADSPA(Linux Audio Developers Simple Plugin API) plugins for various audio effects.

JaLoopAGeoffrey Shauger

OpenMP like functionality for the Java language. Initially focusing on optimizing Java loops for multiprocessor systems

PaintMeYou Wu

PaintMe is a Python based image processor that will take an image and output a painted representation of that image.

EPOMSNaveen Kumar & Farida Mishra

The primary goal of this project is improve the operational efficiency of an organization by developing a generic system that automates day to day operational tasks managed by teams or groups in an enterprise.

gits3Abdelhalim Ragab

Use Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) as git repository

WordPress CWOP WidgetTim Pepper

This project aims to create a simple AJAX based plugin/widget for WordPress which pulls a single weather station's data from the Citizen Weather Observer Program and formats it for display.

NeighborhoodCommissionJohn Cohoon

Neighborhood Commission aims to facilitate culture building through collaboration among neighbors. The idea is simple. If you have a project for which you need some help, Neighborhood Commission helps you connect with friends and neighbors who would be interested in lending a hand.

I will be building an open source facebook application that helps folks do just that.

DNA ScoutBrian Delgado & Nelson Ijih & Taibat Onaolapo Morakinyo

Search huge files containing DNA encodings for string matches and patterns. Also generate statistics and produce graphical results.

Memory Performance Analyzer Nelson Ijih

(Just for Fun )
Measure the overall overhead of a matrix multiply (memory accesses) with configurable parameters to a Cache and Virtual Memory Manager Simulators. Some examples of parameters: Replacement policies for cache lines,page frames,cache line size,page size, Round Robin,Non-blocking cache,e.t.c..

HealthMonitoringSystemAnuja Kharade & Navya Jammula & Rohini Venkataramaiah

This is a web based application that manages the health information of patients. For more details , please check out the project link.

Spell Casting in PlaneShiftKenny Graunke

This work extends PlaneShift, a popular open source 3D MMORPG. In particular, it adds a new spell casting interface based on pie menus, hopefully making magic much easier to use effectively—especially for new players.

PostgreSQL Materialized ViewsDan Colish

I am working on extending materialized views into the base Postgres distribution. The project page offers a better explination.

Delta RayKevin Salicos

The short term goal of Delta Ray is to create a ray tracing engine that can easily be dropped into other projects. A longer term goal is to increase the performance into real-time operations (>30fps at some useful number of objects).

CoMETMatthaus Litteken

CoMET stands for Co-operative Member Equity Tracking is a module designed to be a standalone member equity tracker, with a mass mailer (based on member type), address label printing, and reporting. It will also integrate with IS4C, an open source POS (Point of Sale) and Fannie (IS4C's backend) to provide more robust member management. It is based in PHP & MySQL with javascript for additional functionality.

snorkelDavid Stelter

snorkel is a Ruby on Rails web frontend to the Snort Network Intrusion Detection System. Aims of the project are to include a core subset of the features of the existing Acid/Base PHP frontend, while incorporating features that make it easier to find relevant information in the huge sea of data that Snort typically collects. The enhancements are based off of suggestions given to me by Prof. Jim Binkley.

SoundBridge SchedulerBenjamin Harrington

This application will build upon Soundbridge Commander's ability to set alarms. This will allow for independent daily alarms to be scheduled, and adjusted through the Commander interface. The repository and webpage is hosted by SourceForge.

Blackboard GUI FramworkDylan Enloe

Blackboard GUI, or BBGui for short, is an attempt to find a new way to develop GUI applications. As the name suggests, it uses a Blackboard system to centrally store state changes as well as facilitate the waking of the proper actors when said states change. Actors are independent threads which each handles a single task of the interface such as a button or a piece of application logic. We are trying to determine if this method provides a reasonable alternative to the Model/View/Controller system.