Course Projects

Author(s) CS Account(s) Project
Web Page
Brief Description
Ali Alyabes and Prassnitha Sampath prasnita & alyabes Stock Track Stock Track Stock Tracker Extension for Firefox
Ahmed Badran badrana ParseOpt Cmd line parser generator, given an option spec, generate code to parse it
Ahmed Badran badrana ?Vimicxx* (for fun) Intellisense for C++ in Vim using Ctags
Steve Bokma sbokma dsplib A DSP lib module
Jeremy Brooks jbrooks JMinor A simpler grammar for MinorThird designed for linguists
Ramya Chandrasekar ramyac Expalyze Project:Expalyze Feature Addition to the Optimizer in Postgresql
Loren Davis davisl Portland Doors Loren Davis’ Summer of Code An Implementation of Sun’s Doors Library for Linux
Ian Duffe duffei XHSB A Haskell binding to the XCB library
Drew Fisher dfisher Triadic Triadic Blog Set clone using Obj-C and Clutter
Mike Flakus mflakus Academic Web Search acaweb blog A powerful federated search engine
Samir Katti kattis File Server Basic disk server that acts like secondary storage.
Bart Massey bart Huffman Huffman coding library in Haskell.
Aleksandr Ruban and Sudheer Mogilappagari ruban & sudheerm symultation Synchronous multimedia presentation platform
James Murphy murphy78 Sound Barrier Sound Barrier Blog Stream FLAC, MP3, and other audio sources over your home network or over the internet
Adam Naser anaser Alchemy Current Jar Source A visual editor with module support
A. John Ochsner IV batman BiDirAI WebLog Bi-Directional (top-down & bottom-up) Artificial Intelligence
Divya Parekh divyap mal-o-meter mal-o-meter Determines the evilness of a domain
Sri Ramkrishna sramkris Rhythmbox-sqlite bzr archive: tarball available here. Rhythmbox Blog sqlite backend for Rhythmbox
Dave Revell davetron HCFS HCFS Erlang network filesystem
Stephan Scheller stephas UManageWind Messages on Assembla OS administration tool
Rob Stites rstites ppgimage Provable image enhancement library
Jayasri yellamanchali yellamaj Formatted Search Search Engine where we get the result in the Xml or Pdf format