Course Projects

Author(s)ProjectBrief Description
Bart Masseyapply-licenseScript to automatically insert copyright and license information in the source code of a program.
Chad 'Exodist' GranumExoSortExtendable set of scripts that use a database to sort multimedia files.
Montana LowGooFooA system to provide users with restaraunt recommendations for the Portland metro area.
John CheeGUI for 10-9GUI for speech recognition application
Kelsey Cairns Sphinx Demo Going to make Sphinx do something
Shreya Bhargava
Tom Raney
BrinjalImproving the build speed of Hash index in PostgreSQL
Dave Camarillo
Rashmi Devatha
PSAS┬ÁCPSAS ARM microcontroller work
JW ParkfftwgraphFFTW input & output graph printout
Brian RogersBots on a PlaneUser-programmed robots roam a map, competing in variety of games, starting with deathmatch
Eric DayGNU-Radio/USRP GPS ReceiverThis builds on top of a previous OSS class project by Isaac Carroll, and in the end should provide a complete open source/open hardware GPS receiver.
Jane WaddellphpScheduleIt MUSE (Minimum User Scheduling Extension)This project extends phpScheduleIt to accommodate the scheduling of resources that require a minimum number of users.
Ian ElliotShoelacerTool to create short string compressor/decompressor from sample data.
John Van Drasek
Tony Kautz
Paul BurrowsDnDChatChat Client and Server that allows users to share the output of commands executed as if they were on the command line of a shell, along with a set of tool for DnD
T. A. BoumaIntervalsMathWithNickleIntervals Math with Nickle
Mike SmytheU-TurnReturn Visit Tracker