TTT is a graphical tic-tac-toe program I wrote in 1995 in C with Motif widgets. It is every bit as beautiful today. I recently dug it out to add the momentarily-interesting option of misère play, following a discussion with Josh Triplett. Looking at the resource converter for text to pixmaps reminded me of how painful programming GUI apps in C with Motif widgets was. Thank goodness things are all better now. Or not.

The interesting feature when it was written was its "play-level" randomization, which tried to give an interesting but winnable game at low level settings.

The source, under the MIT license, is in GIT at git:// It's ancient. To compile it, you'll need imake installed (run "xmkmf"). To run it, you'll need to install its resources ("xrdb -merge; xrdb -merge", or "make install" with appropriate permissions).