Digits Game

This Haskell code currently comprises two distinct programs around a dice-and-digits game known by many names over time: it is currently best known as Shut The Box.

One program is a really simple GUI program written in Gtk2Hs for playing the game solitaire. I wrote this one all by myself.

The other program, written cooperatively with Jamey Sharp, is a solver for perfect play in the solitaire variant of the game; it can compute best-expected move or move with best chance of reaching a given score threshold. This latter program has a textual "tutor" interface that allows the player to pick a move and then shows what the expected payoffs were for the various choices.

This game was introduced to me by Andreas Junghanns, who also built a solver for it. His agrees with mine, so I hope we're both correct.

The code is available under the MIT License.