Some information about how to build a dev environment.

Homework 1 is available.


  • Here's a link to the home page for the book we're using this year. This page contains a link to the source from the book.

  • Someone wrote a nice and very brief Git tutorial here in 2009.


  • See the lddsrc wiki for further information on the source for the O'Reilly Linux Device Drivers book, including a git repo for the FSU source code and an email list.

  • Linux Kernel source cross reference

  • Linux Kernel & Device Driver Programming - A Florida State University course that looks to be of interest. Also note that the kernel used at Florida State was

  • Compiling the linux kernel on Ubuntu distro.

  • Compiling the linux kernel on Fedora distro.

  • How to use cscope on the Linux Kernel. (cscope -R ... is the easy way)

  • Changes in 2.6 Kernel API

  • "Introduction to Linux" by Machtelt Garrels (html,pdf) - A good book for newbs.

  • "Introduction to GCC" by Brian Gough, Other cool on-line books

  • New Kernel Hacking HOWTO - Some additional information on how to start hacking the kernel.

  • "Understanding the Linux Kernel" - If you want to understand how the Linux kernel works, you might consider purchasing this book and it can give you an overview on how the Linux kernel behaves. It is at the PSU bookstore as well, but don't spend the extra money. You might try Powell's Technical Books also.

  • Git tutorial

    • Since GIT is primarily what we're going to be using to send patches on Bart's project, you probably might be interested in a good GIT tutorial. GIT is a non-centralized revision control system as opposed to a central one like Subversion and CVS. What this means is that creating branches are cheap and frequently happen so that you can create many branches and then merge those branches later so you and someone else could be working on different branches and then merge each other's work to another branch to to each other. There is a video of Linus Torvalds doing a git tutorial which will be put up as soon as it becomes available.
  • Safari Books Online. The PSU library has a Safari Books Online subscription. To access, go to library, click on "Electronic Journals", click on "Safari Books Online", then login at the prompt and enjoy.

  • Teensy USB Device Notes and Resources (Homework 2).

  • virtual char device - homework 1

  • The famous and ancient Lions commentary on V6 UNIX. Thanks to John Ledesma for this link.

  • Documentation for formatting this wiki.

Linux Device Driver 3rd Ed. Source Code

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