PSU CS Capstone Spring 2012

Document Delivery Dates

  • Requirements Document
    • First cut 8 May 1-2 pages.
    • Detailed by 21 May.
  • Work Breakdown Structure and Project Plan
    • First cut by 14 May 30+ tasks.
    • Final cut by 21 May 200+ tasks.
  • Risk Management Plan
    • 21 May
    • Audited by end of quarter
  • V&V Plan
    • V&V not just code.
    • Helps build requirements.
    • Pieces in place by needed.

First Post Haiku

Capstone is not yet
But now we have a wiki
Capstone comes with spring

First post haiku. --arik181 [Nice. Nature image and everything. --Bart]

Capstone Sponsor Presentation Slides

Africa Bridge - Susan Stewart

Open Health Tools - Barry Hieb, Alesha Adamson

My Replay Live - Luke Ordway

Building Production Debug Capabilities into Device Drivers - PJ Waskiewicz & Shannon Nelson

Natural Interfaces - Nick Adams, Dan Kalowsky

CEE/ABET/Course Metadata Backend - Ariel Lewis

Green Driver - Peter Flier

US Student Tracker - Courtney Sandler, Ross Lamberth

Linux Kernel Tinification - Josh Triplett, Jamey Sharp

Sprig Health - Ben Postman, Song Bac Toh

PAST&E Student/Tutor Tracker - Maureen (Moe) Dugan

Final Team Assignments

Team Aperture - Tennis

Dan Sweet *
Evan Belt
Yuxin Gao
Ruvim Micsanschi
Minh Pham
Jonathan Trent
Joseph Woodruff

Team Bearodactyl

Gregory Haynes *
Austin Angelus
Yaxin Hu
Bailey Mihajlich
Huy Nguyen
Khanh Nguyen

Team Cs The Day - Open Health

Dustin Schmidt *
Robert Hickey
Peter Inslee
Vy Lee
Damon Liang
Long Phan
Teja Pitla

Team Dynomiiite - Africa Bridge

Nicole Huey *
Dung Chau
Adam Eckels
Adam Jones
Yuriy Krushnelsytskiy
Marshall Rogers
Weston Wedding

Team 2.718 - Intel Drivers

Devin Quirozoliver *
David Huddleson
Kyle Pelton
Ekaterina Ryabtseva
John Sackey
Jacob Sowles

Team Fjord - Linux Tinification

Eric Dinger *
Trevor Brandt
Thai Bui
Gokul Caushik
Alex Kelly
Joe Millenbach