PSU CS Capstone Fall 2011

Course syllabus.pdf.

Team Projects

Team Alfa

Team Cthulhu

Team Doughnut

Team Euclid

Sponsor Presentation Materials

These are for reference PDFs for the teams while they make their decisions. The team leads have contact information.

Ariel Lewis, Civil Engineering Dept
ABET Materials: ABET CS pitch.pdf

Hiba Fakhoury, On Time Systems
Green Driver: gd-psu.pdf

Jeremy Huddleston, Jamey Sharp, Josh Triplett
Build a compositing manager for the X Window System: xslides.pdf

Travis Lee, ODOT
Transit Network Reporting and Analysis Tool travis-psu-pitch.pdf

Randal Irwin & Steve Fowell, Zazagolf
Mobile application for golfers: zazagolf.pdf

Joe Capell, A-Dec
A generic web based workflow monitor: capell2-pitch.pdf

Holly Rasmussen
Human resource allocation project: usbank.pdf

Eric, Aquameta
End User Programming: aquameta.pdf

Michael Scotto di Carlo, Supportland
Human resource allocation project: supportland.pdf

Matt Hixson, Tellagence
Data visualization for social networks, no PDF